Collectors Comments

Eric’s paintings are my own personal time machine. I’m honored to have 4 of his paintings, each one capturing a time and place that creates peace and comfort each time I view them. Unlike many photographs and paintings that lend themselves to a more literal interpretation, Eric’s paintings invite the viewer in to use their own imagination to create their own story. His creative use of color and perspective is extremely inviting, and elicits many comments from people who see them in my home and office. I’m thankful to have Eric’s work in my home to enjoy everyday.
— Jeff, Texas
I have two of Eric’s Provence themed paintings.  The Saint Remy Olive Trees is vaguely Van Gogh like and I love the colors and contrasts! The Provence Village painting reminds me of Europe which I miss having lived in Asia for three decades.  I want to climb that rock face in it!
— Simon, Hong Kong
I have had the rare and unique privilege of following Eric’s development as an artist from nearly the very beginning, and the one thing that has always struck me about his work is that Eric has always had a singularly distinctive style; like any of the greatest artists (well, the ones I find “great,” anyway), Eric’s work is immediately recognizable as “Eric’s” with nothing more than a passing glance. “Farmland at Twilight,” the piece of his which adorns my dining area, is representative: bold, striking, evocative, and attractively lean, with a masterful use of color which manages to convey a level of detail far in excess of what one would expect given the number of brushstrokes used to attain the effect. Eric’s work evokes not memory, but imagination, of the kind one associates with the pure joy of childhood—and I am an unabashed and absolute fan.
— Mark, Nevada
I’ve known Eric and his work for many years. His passion and dedication for painting is a pleasure to see. His art is unique. The style gives me the feeling of honesty, warmness and freedom. When I look at his painting in my home I feel balanced and grateful.
— Ralph, Switzerland
I love Eric’s work because it’s vibrant and brings a happy vibe into the room.
— Julie, California
I live in the Rocky Mountains where summer is short, and my time to enjoy mountain biking in fields of Aspens and wildflowers is as well. Eric’s paintings of some of my favorite places to be in the summer brings a smile to my face and a welcome reminder, when in the deepest times of winter, I’m reminded the seasons will change again.
— Davin, Colorado
Eric’s painting hanging in our living room wall at our mountain cabin captures the beauty of the Sierras which we are in.
— Carol, California