Garden Art

When my wife and re-landscaped our backyard last year, one of the focal points she wanted was a blue door similar to what we see in Provence.  Happy wife is a happy life as they say so I worked with our landscapers and they made it.  Soon after we started posting photos of our Provence inspired backyard, many people asked what was behind the blue door.  There wasn't anything.  But, that got me thinking...I can do something about that?  After applying many protective coats to seal plywood from the elements, I hung it behind the door and then went to work.  Now when someone opens the door, they will see a painting I made incorporating various elements of Provence which where the inspiration for the entire backyard design which I also made.  Here are a few photos.  At night there's a spotlight which when the blue door is closed makes it look nice.  But when the door is open exposing the painting, the spotlight makes it look amazing!  

If you are interested in having something similar made for your yard, please contact me as I would be open for commissions for similar projects.